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Hi, I'm Dr. Demetra

My name is Demetra Arvanitidis,  wife, mom of three children, and pediatrician.  I am running for IUSD School Board because I am passionate about children’s education, health and well-being.


We live in unprecedented times...circumstances that have changed the way we learn, live, work, and socialize not just locally but globally.  No one could have fathomed the events which have transpired in just these last few months.  It’s this unpredictability which leads to two main stressors, panic, and fear, which in turn cause the ill-effects on our health and the safety of our community.  Disaster preparedness in our schools is vital for the times in which we live.  My priority is to have a physical plan in place that ensures the health and safety of our staff and children along with an educational plan that ensures that kids continue to receive a high standard education in every circumstance.


I believe that with my pediatric medical and public health background, I will add value to discussions and policy-making to put the health and safety of our staff and students first. The remedy for panic, fear and stress is a good dose of planning and preparedness. 


This proactive, preventative health and educational plan would include:

  • reducing regular class size 

  • regular compliance training of teachers/staff/students in preparedness protocols

  • ensure high standard, user- friendly online curriculum with adequate teacher/ parent support

  • onsite school health/nurse checks

  • onsite school security guards/ surveillance

  • emphasis on local control and parental choice


Send me to IUSD School Board to be your voice to ensure every student succeeds!


Join other parents, teachers, students, and community leaders, and vote for Dr. Demetra, pediatrician for IUSD School Board, trustee area 5.  

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